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Publisher Zoe Meyer (www.sagepress.co.uk) is also a writer, speaker and passionate gardener. She has an international background and education and is a fluent French, German and Spanish speaker. The fact that she can go shopping in Russia has also been a useful asset! Entrepreneurial by nature, she particularly enjoys developing new projects. In 2008 she founded Weald U3A and as Chair soon discovered the urgent need for a more organised and efficient online system for speakers throughout the UK to offer their talks to the bookers and speaker-bookers to find them within a centrally organised resource. In 2011 she put together a team of friends who became working partners and they started building the www.speaklots.com website. It has been more complex, taken longer and involved far more work than expected - but that is nothing new for a seasoned entrepreneur. The site was launched at the beginning of March, with already 220 speakers registered, offering a total of over 650 talks. And this is just the beginning ...
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