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FAQ for Speaklots.com
1Q Does SpeakLots take a commission on any engagement set up through the website?
1A No. The only payment we receive is your annual subscription. What agreements you make over fees and/or expenses for any speaking engagement is entirely between you and the organisation.
2Q Do you act as my agent? What if I have already got an agent?
2A No, we do not act as your agent. Your membership of SpeakLots should not affect any arrangement you already have with an agent.
3Q How do I know if the organisation engaging me is a bona fide one?
3A We do not act as guarantors for any organisation engaging speakers. If you are worried, you will need to do the research on them you would do anyway. Ask for references.
4Q How do I know that a particular speaker is appropriate for my organisation?
4A We ask all speakers who become our members to be prepared to give at least two references. Ask for these and follow them up.
5Q I am a speaker member, but have not yet received any approaches for engagements. What can I do?
5A Look at the talks you have listed and review your profile. Are talks too narrow? or too general? Are they aimed at the right age group? Are you very limited to location? Are your fees high? Are your available dates rather few? Have you included enough information?
6Q My topics are very specialised. I am not sure if anyone would be interested.
6A There are organisations covering just about every subject under the sun and most of them are interested in getting outside speakers to come and address them. Give it a try!
7Q I am a new speaker. How do I know what sort of fee, if any, to ask for?
7A Some of the big organisations such as NADFAS have their own schedule of fees. Most smaller societies/clubs/organisations can only offer more modest fees. Ask them what they usually pay and what expenses (if any) they can cover. There is sometimes room for a little negotiation. If you are travelling some distance, can you tie up the engagement with something else so that you split the expenses, for instance?
8Q I was engaged as a speaker by an organisation through the website, but had a dreadful experience. What should I do? Should I warn other speakers about them?
8A We have a feedback page where comments by both speakers and organisations can be posted. Do try to be fair: could your bad experience have been caused by a one-off set of circumstances? We retain the right not to post anything we think is libellous. But please post positive comments as well.
9Q The speaker we engaged was not good. What should we do about it?
9A SpeakLots have a feedback centre. If the speaker was not appropriate, say why not rather than just 'bad'. Please post positive comments too. If you have had a really good speaker, then let everyone know!
10Q I am having technical problems with the site.
10A Contact support@speaklots.com with details of the problem.
11Q None of my talks seems to fit into one of your categories. What should I do?
11A Have a look and see if other people have talks in the same area. Which category have they chosen? If you are still stumped, then get in touch with speakerseeker@speaklots.com and explain which category you think is missing. We can try to find a category that will work for you.
12Q Can I edit my talks.
12A Yes, you can edit your talks in the account section.
13Q Can I upgrade to the premium package during the year? I am increasing the number of talks I give.
13A Yes, press the upgrade button on the personal profile page.
14Q How do I sign up?
14A Click on speakers and create a login. You can then create your own profile. The profile form can be found on the next page when you log in. The form can be saved so you donít need to enter all the information in one go.
15Q How much is it to become a speaker member?
15A The basic package costs £75 for one year. It allows members to advertise themselves to all clubs and organisations nationwide. Speakers create an individual profile giving information about themselves, their talks and testimonials. Remember your profile is a marketing tool and will help to secure your speaking engagements. If you need help please email marketing@speaklots.com
16Q How do I pay for my subscription?
16A Subscriptions can be paid using Paypal. Just follow the links on the registration page.
17Q How do we know that the speaker we are engaging is any good?
17A SpeakLots Speaker Profiles contain a section for speakers to post genuine testimonials. We cannot confirm that all testimonials are genuine but we do attempt to contact some of the referees.
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